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What Is Married To A Chef About?

Married to a chef is a blog for you if you love to eat food! Whether you visit cafes, gastro pubs, pizzerias or Michelin starred restaurants. It’s the love of eating good food & the appreciation of great surroundings, ambience & customer service that connects us.

My husband & I eat out a lot! Even more so now that the children have grown. Whether it’s a local cafe or a Michelin starred restaurant in Amsterdam, the most important thing is that the food is fab, the service is friendly & the atmosphere is great.

I started Married To A Chef to share my experience of the places I have been to eat with friends & family. You may also find smatterings of posts about gorgeous tableware I have come across & if you are really lucky, you may find the odd idiot-proof recipe as on occasion I am forced to cook due to the nature of hubby’s business & the fact my family insist on being fed!

I am no Wordsworth, but I do love to chat so this blog is my way of chatting to you & I would love it if you chatted back 🙂

My aim is to post at least once a week, but ideally twice.

Come along with me for laughs & frustrations as I enjoy filling my face with delicious food & fail miserably myself at actually managing to make any! Share in my delight as I seek out beautiful tableware & diningware.

Who Am I?

Hi – I am Nicky & I am married to a chef! I haven’t always been married to a chef though I have always been married to the same man.

My hubby & I have been married for many (many) years over which time both of us have had many different jobs starting out in the Armed Forces & now we both run our own businesses.

Since I left the forces, I have been many things including a legal secretary (Zzzzzz), a customer service rep (I am VERY big on good customer service), a direct sales rep, a website marketing consultant & now I run my own venue dressing business.

I have always had a love of photography which features heavily on this blog.
So that’s me in a nutshell, a wife, a mother, a spaniel owner oh & a lover of a damn good glass of Gin & Tonic!

Let’s Connect…

Lets connect on my favourite hangout, Instagram: @nickynels or if you think we can work together on a project please do contact me via the blog.