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Damn Wagon – Booze Ban Week 5

Damn Wagon – Booze Ban Week 5

I am just going to come right out with it.  I failed!  It wasn’t so much a case of me falling off the wagon (where does that saying even come from anyway?).  It was more of a fully prepared, arms up, toes together, head firmly tucked between said arms kind of dive.  Purposeful in its delivery!  Yes, there were a few splashes, & certainly some ripples but at least I came up for air!!

I was doing so well.  Not even the hashtag by @wonderluceblog #ashitfacedproject tempted me down off my booze free wagon even though it did sound like my kind of project.

So, what was the trigger of all triggers?  Boredom!  

I love my own company, I can always fill my time with things.  Usually not the right things, hence why my house is always a tad on the untidy side.  But, after a run of around 4 damn weekends when hubs & kids were all working late into the night every single weekend, I got bored.

And to be honest, I missed my little friend, booze.  I missed how warm & relaxed it made me feel.  

So, the decision was made, I opened up my recently purchased bottle of Rhubarb & Ginger Edinburgh Gin, added a long, long slug of Fever Tree Tonic, sat back & enjoyed.  Then I enjoyed 2 more.  

Benefits of Not Drinking

My friends kept asking me if I felt better for not drinking.  More energy?  Nope.  Better skin?  Yes, I will concede to that, my skin had definitely improved slightly.  Weight loss?  Hell no.  Better sleep?  I can sleep for Britain anyway so nope.

Negatives of Not Drinking

One of the hardest issues about not drinking is other people’s attitude.  Especially if you are attending a social event.  You become a social pariah.  It’s almost as if by not drinking, you are highlighting their drinking habit & somehow shining a great big judgey spotlight on it.

But I think the worse thing about drinking, for me, is while I enjoy it at the time, the next morning reminds me that even 2 glasses of wine has a negative affect on my body physically.  

It’s at that point I question why the hell I bother.  Maybe the answer is to cut out drinking alcohol at home & only drink with a meal when out socially?

But then I’d never be able to join in with Lucy’s #ashitfacedproject on Twitter now would I?


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