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How To Photograph Your Restaurant Food For Your Blog – Not

How To Photograph Your Restaurant Food For Your Blog – Not

Our favourite restaurant in Chester is one of those pretty cool places.  Chester, being Chester is a veritable sea of cool with its highly manicured population.  Mr N & I are not the sort of people you would describe as ‘cool’.  We’re more ‘comfy slippers’ than Jimmy Choo.  However, this particular restaurant, which I would describe as a fine dining restaurant, doesn’t make us feel out of place the way some places do.  You know the ones, you walk in & all eyes are immediately on you as if you have just walked in with a welly (boot) on your head!

This restaurant, while being cool is accommodating & inclusive.  When I saw they had a new menu on, I thought I would make this the very first outing to a restaurant with my DSLR rather than just my phone camera.  What better place to stand out like a sore thumb than somewhere I felt comfortable in right?

Taking The Bull By The Horns

I’m very self-conscious at the best of times, but particularly when taking photos in public.  When I have a camera in my hand I worry I look arrogant & that people expect great things I can’t then deliver.  Irrational I know, but lack of confidence is irrational.  Also, I am conscious that taking photographs of your food in a restaurant may break all social etiquette rules (I know my mother would be appalled!!).

However, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to showcase this restaurant’s resplendent dishes on my blog so on I added a note to my booking requesting a window seat so I could photograph my food.  It actually said something along the lines of  “I bet you hate this but……”!   

Feeling apprehensive that the restaurant staff would be annoyed, I half expected a flat “we don’t allow that in our restaurant”.  I was anxious I would upset fellow diners with my less than discreet camera in the middle of the restaurant. Also, I worried my husband would get arsey as he salivated over his meal, unable to eat it until I had got the shot I wanted.

None of those things happened.  Well, actually, that’s isn’t strictly true.   Mr N did indeed get a bit tetchy hence the half eaten bread shot!

Artisan Bread |The Chef's Table Chester | Married To A Chef Blog

Seating Arrangements

Arriving slightly early. We were seated away from the window at the only free table.  The nerves kicked in.  “They’re annoyed at my request” I thought.  Eyeing up the table in the window which I can see is about to come free I face an internal challenge;  should I, shouldn’t I ask if we could move once it was free?  Am I going to look like a total diva?  

I am just about to shelve the idea of taking any photos at all, parking the whole thing as a really bad idea when a lovely lady approaches our table.  She explains they’re aware of my window seat request & are going to move us as soon as the table in the window becomes free. Yessss!  I thank her profusely & apologise (of course) for being pain. But I have a green light to take photos!!  

So, Mr N & I are now comfortably sitting at the window table.  Our drinks are ordered.  My camera is out of its bag.  We order some olives & bread appetisers.  

Our waitress suggests we might want to move our water carafe onto the floor.  Ahh, she’s dealt with the likes of the food photographing customer before!!  I am feeling even more comfortable.  A 2nd green light – boom!

The Chef's Table Chester | Marinated Olives | Married To A Chef Blog

And We Are Off…

So, water carafe is now on the floor, appetisers are on the table looking good!  Time to be really brave & actually take some shots. Adjusting the items on the table a little more, I pick up the jug of milk for Mr N’s coffee, elevating it into the air & swooping it across the table.  

Only, I don’t.  Elevate it I mean.   Instead of swooping, I crash unceremoniously into his freshly poured hot cup of coffee scattering the hot content all over our table.  The clatter of the 2 glass objects is deafening!!  Well, to me at least.  

Catching the eye of the lady next to us, she says “that’s exactly the sort of thing I do!”.


On the upside, the said fellow diner on the table next to us & I go on to have a lovely chat about our love of photography & food!  She explains she has only ever attempted to do it using her phone camera to which her companion says, “and they are already all over facebook”!  

In Conclusion

I did it!  Yes, I felt awkward, and totally out of my comfort zone.  But at least I did it & I even got a blog post out of it.  If you want to read it & see more photos it’s HERE!

And so, from this experience I have put together a pinnable image with tips on how to photograph your food in a restaurant, the right way:

Top Tips | Photographing Food in a Restaurant | Married To A Chef


If anyone has any additional tips on how to photograph your meal in a public place, I would be very grateful for them!  

Thank you to The Chef’s Table for your patience.  The meal was, as always, amazing.  Apologies, again, for the spillage!!








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