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The Fat Boar, Wrexham – A Lunchtime Review

The Fat Boar, Wrexham – A Lunchtime Review

It’s Monday afternoon & a friend suggests lunch.  Instead of going to one of the old faithfuls we decide to go for somewhere we’ve not tried before, The Fat Boar, Wrexham.

I say we’ve not tried it before, it feels like we have as we’ve eaten in the sister restaurant in Mold.  To be honest, the reason it has taken us this long to eat at the Wrexham restaurant is, the experience in Mold wasn’t great.  By no means was it awful, but it put me off eating at the Wrexham restaurant for over 12 months (the time it’s been open).

On this particular Monday we thought we’d give it a try.

My Thoughts On The Fat Boar, Wrexham

The Interior

The Fat Boar was previously a pretty seedy little pub (by all accounts).  One of those that you know exists, but you’d never set foot in!  Now, it is a very attractive building.  Downstairs is primarily the bar area though there is some dining seating too.  It’s all been beautifully designed mixing modern with slightly more traditional beautiful brown leather chairs (not a tub chair in sight – thank goodness!).

Image of The Fat Boar Wrexham Interior

We were shown to a table for two upstairs in a very light & bright extension to the original building.

The Service

The service was very slick, quick & the young girls who served us were friendly & attentive.  Waiting time between courses was very short indeed even though the restaurant was fairly busy for a Monday afternoon.

The Fat Boar Menu

There were 3 menus to choose from, the Main Menu, the 1219 Menu & the Sandwich Menu.  We went for the 1219 Menu which offered 2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £13.

What I really liked about this menu was the fact that the portions were slightly smaller than the main menu.  This of course, means there is more chance you can fit in 3 courses & not just 2!  Yay – no more despairing over whether to go for a starter or a pud!!!

The Food

For my starter I chose a grilled mushroom filled with Welsh Rarebit which was served with balsamic vinegar dressing.  It was very tasty & I enjoyed it.

Image of my mushroom starter | The Fat Boar Wrexham | Married To A Chef Blog

My choice of main was the fish pie served with seasonal buttered veg.  The fish pie, again, was tasty & seasoned perfectly.  The veg was perfectly cooked.

Image of my fish pie main | The Fat Boar Wrexham | Married To A Chef Blog

Then for the grande finalé, the pudding!  Eaton Mess!  You can get good Eaton Messes & bad ones!  This was a good one with the right amount of cream (chantilly too), meringue, strawberries & sauce.  Oh and some vanilla ice cream for good measure!

Image of Eaton Mess | The Fat Boar Wrexham | Married To A Chef Blog

The Conclusion

I have to say, I, in fact we both were, very pleasantly surprised.  We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.  It was tasty & excellent value for money.  The surroundings were lovely & the staff very good.  Just what Wrexham needs.  A town restaurant with a bit of class.

My meal along with 1 x coffee & 1 x Fever Tree Tonic water came to £16.95 (from memory!).

These were on the menu on 11th September though their website on 12th September states different so it may be worth giving them a ring if you want to know exactly what the menu is before you visit.






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