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A Pinterest Worthy Vintage Country Themed Wedding

A Pinterest Worthy Vintage Country Themed Wedding

As you may have read previously, we recently attended a family wedding in rural France.  Not just a wedding, but a pinterest worthy vintage country themed wedding.  Rochechouart in Southern Central France, to be precise.

Château de Rochechouart | Married To A Chef Blog

Rochechouart is about 40 mins from Limoge (more like 30 the way my sister drives!) & is a essentially a farming area I guess.

For more on the area itself see my previous post but for now I am going to focus on the wedding.

To The Bride & Groom

The groom, is my nephew & is British as is the Bride (N.Irish to be exact).  Both of them have lived in France for some years now.

All weddings in France have to have the legal bit done in the Mairie (The Town Hall) first.  Couples can then go off & have a blessing in a church if they wish, or perform whatever other ceremony they might want after that.

The Mairie in Rochechouart is behind the stunning Château de Rochechouart but isn’t a particularly pretty building itself, at least the inside isn’t.  It’s more of a modern town library building!

After being ushered into the room once the previous wedding had vacated, we took our seats & awaited the Bride’s arrival.  

The ‘service’ itself is very formal though I have no clue what the lady said but she did have a particularly nice dress on I thought!  Very French chic!  The whole thing was over within 15 minutes or so.  No music or fluff of any kind just legalities.

The Pinterest Worthy Wedding Reception

In this instance, the wedding reception was being held at the Bride’s parents’ home which was in the same town.  The whole wedding party took a leisurely walk from the Mairie to their home on a beautiful day which was lovely.  Mother of the bride runs her own beauty business & so a few people had come to see them all as they made their way to the reception which was sweet.

Vintage Themed Country Garden

The wedding was styled in a Vintage Country Garden theme & was absolutely beautiful.  The garden was the perfect setting with its trees from which voile curtains & fairy lights were hung.  It was so pretty, soft, feminine & romantic.  The scene was  as if the whole wedding had fallen out of Pinterest & landed right there in front of us.

Vintage Country Themed Wedding | Table Setting in Rural France | Married To A Chef Blog

Tables were set with a total mismatch of pretty vintage glassware & plates.  Chairs had all been borrowed & the ladies’ chairs had throws on the back of them for later.

Garden canapés were served, my favourite being the goats cheese ball coated with pistachio & a cheeky red grape in the middle!

Vintage Country Garden Wedding in Rural France | Married To A Chef Blog

DIY Drinks Sign | Married To A Chef Blog

A drinks station was set up & consisted of an array of alcoholic beverages in jars including G&T!  Also, a wine station with a keg of white & a keg of red wine that you simply filled your wine bottle from!

Summer Punch Drinks Station | Married To A Chef Blog

The table plan was written on a vintage mirror.

DIY Vintage Table Plan Mirror | Married To A Chef Blog

A ‘cigar corner’ was set up for those who wished to partake.

Wedding Cigar Corner | Married To A Chef Blog

Teepees were made up in the garden for the younger members of the bridal party!  I so wanted to go in too!

French Country Garden Wedding | Married To A Chef Blog

All in all it has to be one of the prettiest wedding set ups I’ve ever seen & being in the wedding industry, I have seen many!  

The first dance | Married To A Chef Blog

Of course the weather played a huge part in this, I can’t imagine what would have happened had the weather been wet & windy!  But then, I don’t have to!  It was perfect.





2 thoughts on “A Pinterest Worthy Vintage Country Themed Wedding”

  • We’ve got friends living in Champagnac-la-riviere, not so far from this wedding! It’s a beautiful part of the country I think. The wedding suits it perfectly.
    Best wishes to your friends!!

    • It certainly is very beautiful! I remember thinking my sister was mad moving out there 11 or so years ago – but it has been all she hoped & more I think. Thank you!!

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