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What To Do & See In 48 Hrs in York

What To Do & See In 48 Hrs in York

Mr N & I both work in the wedding industry & it’s been such a busy one.  Initially a family holiday was on the agenda, until the car broke costing us in the region of £3K.  We both agreed we needed a couple of days away at the very least, what we couldn’t agree on was where!

Mr N wanted the sea, I wanted the country.  So after hitting a few brick walls, I handed over the responsibility baton to Mr N on this trip.  He will pass the baton over to me for the next one!

So, Mr N, who wanted to stay by the sea booked us 2 nights away in York! Hmmmm.  Needless to say, I was delighted!

Day 1 – An Introduction to York

The problem with time-off is that when you have been running around at 100 miles an hour & you stop, you fall asleep!  Right?  

We left home in North Wales around 10am, arriving at the Hotel sometime after midday.  Thankfully, our room was good.

I was starting to regret, not only leaving my DSLR camera (epic fail) but also my coat!  It wasn’t freezing cold by any means, but I was glad I took a woolly pully!

Resisting the urge to go to sleep we took ourselves off into York City Centre, armed with a map…….. Oh no, wait, the very first thing we did was go to the Hotel bar!  

OK, then we went into York City Centre which was literally a 5 minute walk from The Churchill Hotel.

The buildings in York, needless to say are uh-mazing!  But as with all cities, the good sat alongside the bad & the ugly too!

Image of beautiful Georgian houses in York - what to see & do in 48hrs in York

Day 1 was spent working out what was where in the city.  We visited the Shambles (of course), an infamous medieval street of wonky shops.  I was a bit gutted there was a ruck of tacky blue bunting swathed across the shambles, but I am sure it was for a good reason!

Image of an artisan bakery in York

Image of Betty's Tearoom in York

The Churchill Hotel where we stayed, had its own brasserie, but there was a wedding reception at the hotel (on a Monday!), so we went into the City to eat.  

image of The Churchill Hotel in York

Image of the staircase in The Churchill Hotel in York

It was at this point I wished I had gotten some recommendations first!!  As we were looking in one eaterie’s window at their menu, a figure across the road behind us caught Mr N’s eye coming out of a restaurant that looked very nice.  So, we crossed the road & went into Cut & Chase.  This proved to be a very good decision!  Dinner was lovely!

Image of where to eat in York | Cut & Chase

Image of where to eat in York | Cut & Chase

After dinner, feeling very full & satisfied, we headed back to the hotel, climbed into bed & watched TV!  But, at least we had decided what we were going to do the next day!

Day 2 in York City

While the dining room in the hotel did look lovely, we felt £15 for breakfast was a little steep so we headed to a cafe 2 minutes from the hotel, The Hashery.  After a lovely chat with the lady who owned it (about wooden work benches bought on ebay!), a very tasty full English breakfast & smooth coffee we paid around £16 for both of us instead!  

Image of Bar Hashery in York

The Yorkshire Museum

Our first stop of the day was the Yorkshire Museum.  Housed in a beautiful Georgian building surrounded by its own gardens, the museum depicts the natural history life in Yorkshire from the Iron Age through to the Roman Era & beyond.  The Vikings played a huge part in the history of York & they seem very fond of their Nordic roots & history.

Image detailing what to see & do in 48 hours in York

York Castle Museum

Easily my favourite museum, here you can learn all about York’s social history.  The museum was originally a debtor’s prison & women’s prison built on the site of the original York Castle.

They have re-created a victorian cobbled street with shops that you can walk through & get a real sense of victorian times.

There are a number of interesting things to see & learn at this museum, including the prison cells where characters who spent time there tell their stories via projections on the wall.  Including Dick Turpin!  Who, did you know, was the original Essex boy?!  Unfortunately, he took his last breath on the gallows in York!

The Original Ghost Walk

You cannot visit York & not do the ghost walk, can you?  The Original Ghost Walk takes place every single evening from the Kings Arms pub at 8pm.  It was highly entertaining & well worth the £6 per person.  I won’t tell you anything of what he said you will have to experience it for yourself.

image of the derelict tower in York

When the ghost walk was over (it took about an hour), we made our way to the fish & chip shop then back to the hotel bar before taking ourselves off to bed.

Image of a glass of wine in the bar at The Churchill Hotel in York

Day 3 – A Final Mooch

Check out time was a very respectable 11 am, so we headed out around 10 am to grab a coffee & have a final mooch around the City.   I wanted to see inside Fairfax House, a restored Georgian town house once lived in by local gentry, the Fairfax family.  Mr N – not so keen, so I parked him & went round on my own! Lunch today was at Mannion & Co, a very busy bistro/cafe selling artisan breads & charcuterie alongside amazing looking cakes & pastries.  

image of lunch at Mannion & Co in York

Lunch was lovely!  I would highly recommend visiting here for a bite to eat though be warned it is very busy & you may have to wait for a table.

And with our bellies full, we made our way back to North Wales!  So, thank you York, you were a beaut.  There were so many pubs, independent shops, beautiful buildings & fabulous eateries.  The city was small enough to be able to spend 48 hours mooching about on foot leaving the car in the car park the whole time.

The Low Down On What We Did & Saw In York

We stayed at The Churchill Hotel – 2 nights Bed only cost us £197

We ate at:  Cut & Chase, Mannion & Co, The Hashery

We visited:  The Yorkshire Museum, York Castle Museum, Fairfax House

We took part in:  The Original Ghost Walk


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